Hueys Pizzeria - From humble beginnings

Hueys, as it currently stands, was first established in 2002 by Mark and Adele Workum.

Since its original build date in the late 70s, this venue has always been a pizzeria of sorts.

The original restaurant was called "Blueys Retreat", which ran until 1985 before being sold to "Yankee" Bob Beckerleg and then became known as "Yankee Bobs".


Originally from Sydney, we had been visiting the area for many years and dreaming of a seachange.

When the opportunity arose to buy Yankee Bobs, we immediately went to work asking everyone they knew, "who makes the best pizzas?", and then visited them all.

Many hours of eating and drinking were labouriously undertaken to find the ideal pizza style.

They then combined this with many trials of various sauce and dough recipes until we felt we had the right blend of tradition,
style, flavour, and creativity to put our product out for all to enjoy.

After a name change and a bit of redecorating, Hueys opened in June 2002 and has strived to be the landmark Pacific Palms pizzeria
ever since.


All our produce is fresh where possible and from local suppliers - and it's our own tomato sauce and dough recipes that make us unique.

Taste the difference...

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*  online order points redemption requires balance paid online when points are insufficient.

*  points are not transferrable.

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