We have many wonderful customers who enjoy coming to Hueys, but we get the odd ones who keep us scratching our head.

This is a log of some of the oddities we encounter here at Hueys... 


Customer: Could I please have cherry tomatoes on that.

Hueys: Sorry we only have garden tomatoes.

Customer: Oh, well dont worry about the order then.



Customer: Excuse me, but I think this wine is corked.

Hueys: Um but its a screw cap?

Customer: Yes well could I return it please.

Hueys: Um No. You brought that wine in yourself.



Customer:  This water is terrible! How can you serve this! I want my money back.

Hueys: Sir, the waster is free. Its tap water. You'll need to take this up with Midcoast water.



Customer: Im here to pick up my order under the name John.

Hueys: (after searching) sorry, we dont have an order for John.

Customer: Its supposed to be ready by 6pm.

Hueys: Wait, was this an order you cancelled 4 days earlier, and said you wanted to come back today? I have refunded your online payment for that already.

Customer: So you didnt put my order in.

Hueys: Um no. Its 4 days later, and you may not have returned. So we messaged you and refunded your money.

Customer: Youre a joke. You have no idea how to run a business.